Blowpipes, Pistols, Gas-Applicators and supplies for Tele-Injection of animals


Company MARKETING-B Ltd. is representative of the world famous company TELINJECT GmbH, Germany, a manufacturer of veterinary instruments and supplies. They allow stunning and capture of identified animals from a distance that is harmless for them and safe for humans. Our customers for these products are a large number of municipalities, public and private hunting and game farms, reserves, zoos and veterinary clinics throughout the country.


Blowpipes for shooting poison darts have been used by human beings as hunting and war weapons for hundreds of years, and are even found in use today by primitive cultures in South America. TELINJECT Blowpipe has almost noiseless shooting darts and has a low impact force. It is easy to use mechanism that allows any animal to be anesthetized at a distance of 10m. Comfortable to use and affordable for possession and usage by anyone.


The VARIO 1V. Blowpipe-Pistol is constructed from a pressure resistant, easy to care for pistol grip and a 800 mm – long barrel constructed out of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. This product enjoys great popularity due to its very simple structure A quick-attach coupler connection attaches the pistol to the foot pump, which is the more economically favorable operation.It is also possible to attach a CO2-device for more comfortable use.


ИG.U.T. 50 is a model of precision, comfortable operation and easy maintenance.
The function and use of a modern Tele-Injection are no longer limited to the mere immobilization of animals. G.U.T. 50 is used to administer medication such as antibiotics, vitamins etc., and the possibilities do not end there. Whole herds of livestock can be immunized, and tissue samples taken.
G.U.T.50 of TELINJECT has demonstrated its perfection, as it is tested for many years in the most extreme conditions in countless places, including the tundra of Alaska, in the tropics of Zaire, in the deserts of Saudi Arabia as well as in Europe and North America.